I've got to say this was by far the best place for colon detoxification. I had only 1 session here, however it was my 1st, and it set the standards high. After visiting other spas that offer colon hydro therapy, I find Hamilton Wellness Center has the best method & the most benefits. I discovered, Not all cleansings are the same, so be sure you research and ask ?'s so you can get the most benefits. Before going to HWC I was having issues with body odor and after only 1 session, I was able to go without deoderant for 2 entire months. My experiences haven't been as successful with other places, so I give HWC 5 stars and I plan to continue all my future cleasnsing at the Lafayette location. Thanks for being the best and offering this great beneficial service to the public.    ~Bunny Rather

Hamilton Wellness Center is 1 of the best places that I've been to for what they do alice is a wonderful person she makes you feel very very comfortable during the session I'm a return customer and I will continue to be as long as Alice is there.    ~Benson Shiner

Alice has taught me so much about my body. I am a pretty healthy person overall, but my health has improved since I started going to Hamilton Wellness Center. The office was very clean also. I will continue to go to HWC as part of my health regimen.    ~ Maggie A.

To be honest, I was nervous to get my first colonic. But Alice has a very calming and friendly demeanor which put me at ease. She was very professional and made me feel completely comfortable. Nothing about the experience was as bad as I anticipated. Alice really cares about the health of her clients.    ~ Glen Y.

At 34 years old, 8 years ago, I had my first of several colonics at a wellness retreat. The day I left from that retreat, the whites of my eyes were as white as snow, the thoughts of my mind were so clear and focused, and my stomach along with my colon, felt for the first time like a clean flowing vessel. IMMEDIATELY upon returning home, I looked to find a Clean, Professional, and Healing Space to maintain how wonderful I felt. And, gratefully so, still do feel! Thanks to Rose. Not only is she EXCELLENT at what she does but, Rose is so Intuitive, Spirited, Educated and Loving. Understandably so, one may think having a colonic is too embarrassing or crude. Well, it is certainly not that with Rose. After each visit, I get to think once again with a clear mind and feel like a clean vessel. I have been in the Health & Beauty Industry for 20 years and I strongly believe "True Beauty Begins from within." Feel Good, Look Good.         ~ In Spirit, Nadine Gemma, Owner of Ladida Beauty Lounge

I’ve always believed in preventative healthcare and colon hydrotherapy is one method for completing this important lifelong goal. I could tell from the very first treatment experienced that I had made a good decision to come see Rose. She is professional, caring, knowledgeable and comforting. She has done everything in her practice to make the therapy something a client can look forward to. I found the service at Hamilton Wellness and with Rose my best experience since beginning such treatments a few years ago.     ~ Rosemary B.

The Hamilton Wellness Center has assisted me in my journey to wellness since August 2002. Rose and Alice are very caring and compassionate and are truly in the business to help others. In addition to Rose's expertise in colon hydrotherapy, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in getting one's body healthy. She has generously guided and mentored me. Beyond just expertly administering colon hydrotherapy, Rose and Alice have continually gone above and beyond in helping me.     ~ Linda W.